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AOV Lift - Without the Heavy Lifting

Maximizing AOV is the final push your business needs in order to gain profit. Here's a tool for that effortless lift and massive gains without the necessary grunting.

What’s more annoying than that guy at the gym grunting over the last 2 reps of his bench press? (if that’s you… sorry, but stop it). 

Not a ton. Regardless of the annoyance it causes, one can’t help but respect them getting the most out of their workout. 

In the world of e-commerce, those final 2 reps are the equivalent of maximizing your average order value (without the grunting… we hope). Increasing your brand’s AOV plays a big role in the profitability of your business. 

More than that, it can fundamentally change your business. You can spend more on getting customers through the door if it means they end up becoming returning customers. 

We’re Groupshop, the people at the gym who are getting those final reps in without the unnecessary audio. You can sit back, relax, and spot us while we drive results for your brand.

On average, brands using Groupshop see anywhere between a .33 cent and $2.75 lift per order to their AOV.  

Increasing AOV with Groupshop

Groupshop is an experience like no other. Customers have access to their own micro-store with one click. 

That one click takes them to a whole new world where they can shop more from your brand or share their Groupshop with friends and family to earn cashback. 

The good news is that people do both of these things. Whether they shop or share, they’re driving revenue to your brand through the fun experience that is their micro-store. 

When people shop from their own Groupshop store, their second order value exceeds the first 20%+ of the time. In what other world does your upsell or cross sell exceed the total order value? Almost never. 

That’s how some of our brands are able to unlock massive increases in AOV, up to the tune of $2.75 per order. 

How To Stay on the High Side

Groupshop doesn’t drive the same increase to AOV for every brand. 


Groupshop is a tool. How brands communicate and leverage that tool is ultimately what drives its effectiveness. Here’s a few ways our brands have integrated Groupshop into their customer experience to drive higher order values:

  • Promote Groupshop on the order confirmation page
  • Promote Groupshop via your post-purchase email flow
  • Promote Groupshop to your community via social media or groups (FB, Discord etc.,)
  • Provide attractive rewards your customers actually want

There’s a lot of things you can do to increase AOV, yet none are really as simple as Groupshop. In just 10 minutes you can install Groupshop and give your customers access to their micro-stores. Further integration into your customer experience equals a few more reps on the bench that helps drive profitability. 

Your time spotting is over. Let’s start lifting your AOV together. 

How Groupshop Can Help

Imagine if your brand was part of a curated referral platform with customer incentives built in.

Curation, curation, curation

Groupshop leverages the power of curation that drives Gen Z shopping habits. Users get access to their own customized Groupshop page and can start sharing recommendations with friends to inspire and inform their next purchase.

The power of friendship

We’re not being cheesy. Shopping alone sucks, for both consumers and brands. Groupshop taps into a community that already loves your brand, makes word of mouth measurable, and rewards friends for shopping together.

Customers are the best advertisers

Groupshop incentivizes your customers to help spread the word about your brand. That means lower acquisition costs, measurable word of mouth referrals, and a community of loyal customers that grows with you.

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