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How to Leverage Your Community To Grow Your E-Commerce Brand

Jelcie - a brand selling trendy UV nail stickers, shows us how their Facebook Community and Groupshop brought them significant revenue through word-of-mouth.

There are few assets greater than a community that rallies around your brand. 

The Nike’s, Lulu’s, and Yeti’s of the world have grown exponentially, largely due to their superfans. 

In a world where community is more important than ever for e-commerce brands following iOS 14.5, activating your community still seems to be a mystery. 

In this article, we’ll be unveiling how Jelcie leveraged their Facebook Community and Groupshop to drive 5% of their attributable revenue for the month of August.

No paid ads.
No creative. 
No ads manager.
No bad ROAS days.
Honestly, no work either.

Simply, their community is spreading the word. 

Let’s dive in. 

Find (Or Build) Your Community

Jelcie is a community-first brand. 

They host two Facebook groups aimed at sharing and showcasing best practices for semi-cured nails. Their groups count several thousands of members. More importantly, these are engaged groups that people enjoy being in. Jelcie does not simply use them to sell to their audience. 

"We utilize a strong feedback loop with our community to build anticipation for new releases and get their feedback on upcoming designs and product releases. Our customers tend to thank us whenever we ask for their opinion, and they appreciate that we actively solicit their feedback and care. I think there's a lot of opportunity nowadays for brands to grow via community and organic channels," says Jelcie co-founder Florence Kwok. 

In other words, they’re developing real community

Make Great Products

Jelcie is transparent enough to share and invite feedback on their products. Like any relationship, that vulnerability builds trust with their audience. 

They continue to grow because of the credibility they have with their audience alongside great products that delight their customers. The group is consistently sharing screenshots of their nails. Because of their wide-range of SKUs, customers likely use the Facebook Group as a product discovery channel. 

A member sharing their nail discovery to the group

Give Your Community Tools

People love Jelcie’s products. But referral programs haven’t worked for them in the past.

People sharing their experiences with referral programs and how Groupshop compares to them

We have our own hypothesis as to why that is (affiliate links and referral codes are boring), nonetheless we were anxious to see the results of what would happen when Groupshop gets in the hands of Jelcie’s customers. 

Post-purchase, Groupshop creates personalized stores for Jelcie customers. When they shop from or share their Groupshop store, they earn rewards.

One of the most popular features for Jelcie customers is product curation. Customers can add their favorite products to the Popular with the Group section. 

That way, when you share your Groupshop store with a family member or friend, they can already see the products you like or are recommending (as shown below). 

Sample Groupshop Store showing products the Groupshop Owner likes and recommends

For Emily’s Groupshop, 14 new customers bought from her Jelcie x Groupshop store. This turned a $50ish order into $750+.

Sample Groupshop from Emily U which brought in 14 new customers

It’s not just Emily. Jelcie’s customers have flocked to Groupshop, sharing it at every opportunity in the Facebook Group and with friends and family.

A user enthusiastically sharing her link to a Facebook Group

It’s winning customers and giving them a voice in sharing the brand. 

For Jenny, below, her Groupshop reached the maximum discount percentage set by Jelcie, 40% if 5 friends shop. Jenny leveraged her personal network as well as the Facebook Group to get two more purchases to her Groupshop.

Jenny's sentiments upon reaching the maximum discount percentage

Your Customers are Your Best Assets

Chances are you have people who love your brand. They want to share it. 

But do you have the right tools?

Groupshop makes growing and nurturing your community good for your brand and good for your customers. 

Through personalization and curation, your customers feel more like partners than people schilling their affiliate code. It’s what is driving massive amounts of revenue and new customers to Jelcie.

The ultimate win-win scenario. 

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How Groupshop Can Help

Imagine if your brand was part of a curated referral platform with customer incentives built in.

Curation, curation, curation

Groupshop leverages the power of curation that drives Gen Z shopping habits. Users get access to their own customized Groupshop page and can start sharing recommendations with friends to inspire and inform their next purchase.

The power of friendship

We’re not being cheesy. Shopping alone sucks, for both consumers and brands. Groupshop taps into a community that already loves your brand, makes word of mouth measurable, and rewards friends for shopping together.

Customers are the best advertisers

Groupshop incentivizes your customers to help spread the word about your brand. That means lower acquisition costs, measurable word of mouth referrals, and a community of loyal customers that grows with you.

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