November 8, 2021

Introducing Groupshop

E-commerce for everyone

Before we tell you who we are, let us first share why we are.

E-commerce brands, big and small, have become casualties.

Of the Apple-Facebook privacy war.

Of supply chain issues.

Of the pandemic.

Digital advertising dollars are being soaked up by Facebook, Google, Amazon… and increasingly, Apple.

Your costs to acquire customers are skyrocketing.

These are universal trends that are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Okay – now allow me to introduce us.

Hi. We’re Groupshop.

Our mission is to decentralize advertising.

In non-tech speak, we’re moving digital advertising dollars away from Zuck and to your friend X Æ A-12.

Here’s what that looks like...

When your customers purchase from your store, we create a personalized shopping page directly attributable to them.

It’s their store. They can add your brand’s favorite products and change the look of the page to one of our beautifully designed backgrounds (curated by you, so it stays on brand).

When they share their store, they automatically receive cashback when friends purchase directly from their store—and their friends are incentivized to shop from their store because they receive discounts.

Now, you’ve turned one customer into two. Everybody wins.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

The more friends that shop, the greater the discounts they get.

Groupshop makes it possible to turn one customer into many.

Don’t worry, you set the maximum discount and cashback — and it’s guaranteed to beat your Facebook ROAS every time.

We’ve even coined a term for you to easily compare Groupshop against other marketing channels — Return on Group Spend or simply, ROGS.

In our beta with Los Angeles based streetwear brand Young & Reckless, we generated an additional $11,000 in revenue at a 7x ROGS (we know you’re not getting a 7x return on Facebook…).

Finally, it’s here. An attributable word-of-mouth sales engine that roars.

Emergence of Social Shopping

50 years ago, there were a handful of large media companies.

In 2021, there are millions of profitable media companies, enabled by tools like Patreon, YouTube, Substack and OnlyFans.

Similarly, we’re activating shopping for the creator economy — enabling people of all influence, big and small, to receive equitable compensation for sharing their favorite products from their favorite brands.

We call it E-Commerce for Everyone.

Best part? It’s frictionless. There are no accounts. There is no entering bank account information. There is no manually entering refunds.

It’s hands-off growth for your store.
It’s seamless social shopping – the way your customers want it to be.

1st Party Data is Yours

For so long, brands have been content relying on Google and Facebook for their customers, even at the expense of 1st party data.

We’re changing that.

Now, you have unprecedented access to knowing which customers are ripe to be high-performing affiliates, and which customers you can tap into for influencer marketing.

We also show you important information on which products are most viral and being purchased at the fastest rate.

Groupshop is your word-of-mouth operating system.
It’s 1st party data you can use to drive sales across other channels.

Groupshop Today

We’ve raised money from some of the most forward thinking investors in the world — Harlem Capital, Slauson & Co  and WndrCo.

We’re building (and innovating on) a world-class product.

We’re building partnerships with some of the top e-commerce brands in the world.

We’re empowering people to earn cashback and discounts by shopping with their friends.

Want to grow your word-of-mouth sales?

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