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Optimizing Your Post-Purchase Experience for Revenue and Referrals

A good business doesn't end at purchase but begins post-purchase. Jelcie - a brand selling trendy UV nail stickers, shows us their take on the perfect customer journey.

So much work is done to get customers through the pearly gates of checkout. 

Winning a prospect's attention is one of the toughest battles, but it gets increasingly more complex to increase the number of people who move down the funnel.

As marketers, we spend tons of time building and refining every step of the customer journey, and for good reason. Converting eyeballs to prospects to customers is the name of the game. 

Then… we stop. 

We’ve secured a paying customer, patted ourselves on the back, and inhaled our favorite DTC-beverage.

Yet, the customer journey doesn’t stop. It’s only the beginning.

This is how the top marketers in the world see their business. One that doesn’t end at purchase but begins post-purchase.


The metrics that drive a profitable and sustainable brand, like repeat purchase rate, retention, average order value, and LTV, are a function of a brand’s post-purchase experience.

Acquisition costs continue to rise, incentivizing brands to re-engage their current customer base. 

Groupshop is a post-purchase experience that plays a large role in helping e-commerce brands maximize their revenues on the back end while reducing acquisition costs on the front-end. 

Let’s explore how we do that.

We Don’t Increase Upsells or Cross-Sells – We Get You Repeat Purchases

Typically, brands seek to either upsell a customer on a better version of their product or cross-sell them a complimentary product. 

Both can be effective. 

Yet, even if you are using one of or both of these strategies, you’re leaving money on the table.


Groupshop users purchase an additional 2.7 items per purchase when shopping from their own Groupshop store. 

There is no statistical comparison, simply because brands aren’t expecting to get anymore than 1 additional item added to the order. 

Take Jelcie, an accessory brand selling beautiful and durable press on nails.  

The customer’s original order included a curing lamp, two gellies and a gellie remover. 

Kelly's original order consisting of 4 items

Their second order wasn’t a different pair of gellies… it was four more gellies (one shown on page 2) and an additional gellie remover.

Kelly's second order that had 5 items in total

It’s not an upsell. It’s a repeat purchase, within hours or even days of a customer’s original purchase.

That’s how you maximize LTV.

Let’s move into the second scenario.

Reduce CAC Leveraging your Best Asset—Your Customers

We know word-of-mouth is one of the most high-value forms of marketing. Still, it is like a shadow we hope to understand yet pay little attention measuring or maximizing.

It’s not that current referral programs don’t “work.” It’s just that they don’t work for your business. They are not an active driver of revenue and engagement.

One theory is that referral programs are simply transactional. There is no fun, social aspect, or gamification to generic referral programs. There is friction, account signups, and opaque loyalty points. 

With Groupshop, your customers don’t simply share a link or a code, they share their curated store. 

Take Meredith, who spent $8 on jelly cake nails. 

Meredith's order of Jelly Cake Nails

Rather than hoard the rewards for herself, she shared her Groupshop store with Whitney, 10 days after her original purchase. 

She was generously welcomed to Heather’s Groupshop with exclusive discounts from Heather. How nice of Heather! 

With sweet rewards waiting for her, Whitney stocked up on a Caboodle x Jelcie kit with three perfect summer jellies. 

Whitney's order consisting of 4 items
The original order was $8.
The additional order was $57.75.
It’s the classic win-win-win. Meredith gets cashback on her purchase, Whitney saves 25% on her order, and Jelcie gets a new customer in the door with slim acquisition costs.

I Want to Drive My Customers to Groupshop—Your Brand’s Way of Saying Thank You

The Thank You Page is the first thing customers see post-purchase. It’s a big-deal and the first step in leveraging the newfound trust you’ve established with them.

Promoting Groupshop on your Thank You Page is easy and automatic upon install. 

There are two current placements. 

One in the top left, promoting additional cashback plus discounts on products they might have missed. 

The second is a prompt promoting cashback. 

Both placements drive customers to your Groupshop funnel, where they can actively make re-purchases and share with friends.

With one-click, your customer’s Groupshop store is activated. It’s frictionless–no signing up or entering payment information. 

Other ways to funnel customers to Groupshop include email, SMS, and in-package slips with QR codes. Each plays a role in driving value for your brand and the customer’s experience. 

No need to worry about discount codes wildly floating around the digital universe. Groupshop stores expire after 14 days to ensure your brand is protected from discount code coupon sites that reduce your order value. 

Upgrade Your E-Commerce Post-Purchase Experience

Simply, brands are leaving money on the table by not creating an experience worth a user’s time. Groupshop is a mechanism your customers want to use, evident by the 3+ minutes an average user spends engaging, shopping, and sharing your brand. 

If you haven’t already made the upgrade, signup here and take your e-commerce post-purchase experience to the next level.

How Groupshop Can Help

Imagine if your brand was part of a curated referral platform with customer incentives built in.

Curation, curation, curation

Groupshop leverages the power of curation that drives Gen Z shopping habits. Users get access to their own customized Groupshop page and can start sharing recommendations with friends to inspire and inform their next purchase.

The power of friendship

We’re not being cheesy. Shopping alone sucks, for both consumers and brands. Groupshop taps into a community that already loves your brand, makes word of mouth measurable, and rewards friends for shopping together.

Customers are the best advertisers

Groupshop incentivizes your customers to help spread the word about your brand. That means lower acquisition costs, measurable word of mouth referrals, and a community of loyal customers that grows with you.

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